Let’s face it, life’s too short to live in a home you don’t LOVE. I’m determined to help you bring your personality out and up onto your walls!

As an avid collector married to the ultimate minimalist [one-in/one-out rules by the plenty], I’ve honed my skills of curating collections of art and objects and paired them with being organized.
That’s the MMDH two-part secret to breaking free of quick trends and cookie-cutter home styling. First, have fun with collections and utilize accessories that have meaning. Then, make sure everything has its place so the design feels intentional.
It all comes down to a little MMDH confidence boost, organization and not taking design too seriously!

What drives me as a Designer is for you to be passionate about YOUR surroundings.

I believe that great design isn't just for the glossy pages of A magazine

Hi, I'm Melissa!

legitimately making it happen, one step at a time. 

zeroing in on exactly what you are drawn to within your inspiration.

wrapping your head around the process of a project.

understanding you don't need to label your style.

I promise, thoughtful design is not brain surgery, it is simply:

MMDH makes design approachable.

You've got this, and my tutrorials are here to guide you through it all!

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