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• Discover how to properly prep your space for thoughtful design
• Action steps and tips on sourcing accessories and styling like a pro
• Guidance to make the most of every space throughout your home

What's included in this guide?

A step-by-step guide (plus 15 Pro Tips!) to style your home and sprinkle in your personality...


"Melissa has shared some very valuable tips and information that I needed and would never have thought of when considering elements of design and style! Her advice has been so valuable!"

"Her advice has been so valuable!"

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Meet Melissa

Founder of:
Melissa Mahoney Design House

(around here, we go by MMDH for short)

After over a decade in the commercial interiors industry, I started MMDH to help homeowners curate a well-designed space you can’t wait to get home to and spend time in.

My mission is to help homeowners like you tap into your own unique style paired with the confidence-nudge to take intentional action towards their dream home.

Together, we transform your "house project with a lot of potential" to the dream home you always knew was possible.