"I feel so much more confident about the furnishing process, what steps to take, and the order to take them." 

For the design-ready homeowner looking for a professional design process that will take DIY furnishing projects from overwhelm to ease. 

The Melissa Mahoney Design House
Furnishing Method

Teach me how!

(our besties call us MMDH)


-MMDH Furnishing Method Student

You crave a polished, put-together home with intentional design, but you get stuck on the specifics. You need guidance with scale, circulation, and placement of furniture and accessories.



Incomplete projects


You hesitate to make choices when it comes to home design because you are scared to make the wrong selections. You want to make bold choices with patterns and color but...

Self doubt





Let me guess, you have an abundance of home projects on your to-do list that keep piling up which is resulting in…

Do you second guess every design decision you make for your home?

You have ideas in your head, but you don't know where to start, and you get overwhelmed by the thought of your project. You find yourself jumping from project to project with no results.

If you want to learn how to design a home you love without wasting time or money along the way, I have something for you…

I've got the secrets to unlocking your inner interior designer

But here's the thing. You're not alone. I've had endless clients exactly where you are and...

The Melissa Mahoney Design House Furnishing Method is the perfect resource for homeowners who want to create a home you love without hiring an interior designer. My decades of experience wrapped up in easy-to-follow video tutorial sessions

I need this.
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This in-depth course will help you create a functional, beautiful, personalized space that reflects your style and personality. Included are detailed easy-to-execute instructions on everything from streamlining curated inspiration to ordering the correctly scaled furniture for your room.

The Melissa Mahoney Design House Furnishing Method


(MMDH for short)

embrace your design-ready homeowner mindset to reach your ultimate home furnishing goals. 

determine your visual aesthetic goals for your space.

grasp how to move forward, based on your specific room layout, personal goals, and style.

define your project budget with Melissa's own furniture management spreadsheet.

learn what to buy, where to buy it, and how to combine everything you need into  a cohesive aesthetic.

gain the designer confidence you need to get the most out of your time and investment.

You will learn Melissa's exact process she uses to furnish a room.

By the end of this 6-module course, you will...

Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Take a look inside the course modules and...

Gaining the initial confidence you need to see this course through to a completed space and set your project goals.

Identifying your true feelings about your house and the level of design you would love to take it to.

Determining your confidence level in designing your own home.

Your Relationship With Your House

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Determining your visual aesthetic goals for this space. 

Understanding the furnishing project process we will cover in this course. 

Process & Inspiration

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Determining the best layout for your space to both function and flow.

Gaining a comfort level for the size furnishing you need to search for to fill your space while allowing room for circulation.

Guiding you through the measuring process of your space and existing to remain furnishings.


module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Preparing you for your shopping experience. Gaining the trust you need to get the most out of your investment. 

Transitioning your inspiration mood board into real specifications.

Documenting your initial shopping list.

Determine the best fit sources for you and your project.

Sourcing & Retailers

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Finalize your shopping list and move through the ordering process.

Plus an additional MODULE 6 guiding you through our MMDH install and styling methods for your room!

Determine your budget and what it will cover within your project.

Adjusting your purchases to accommodate your ideal budget, while evolving your design.

Budget & Purchasing

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Gain life-long design confidence, and the absolute most out of your time and money with a home you cannot get enough of enjoying and feels completely YOU. Learn what to buy, where to buy it, and how to combine everything you need into a cohesive personality- filled aesthetic.

The MMDH furnishing method


Full Service
Interior Designer


Go it alone, spend endless hours scouring the internet, while the returns pile up. Waste time and money on pieces that just don't fit your space. Pay for a quick e-design that has no guarantees that you will love it OR that it will fully work for your space.

DIY or E-design


Are you ready to stop overthinking and start feeling confident about your design abilities?


Precious lost time + loss of confidence in the process.

Hire a one-on-one interior designer to do it all for you, hold out for their availability, and be ready to pay for what you get in design services. Always the perfect solution if you are in the market for full-service design fees and someone else's vision for your space.


Anywhere from
$1,500 - $5,000+
design fees, per room


Less than $2 per day with your year-long access!

Here are your options:

Kristy D.

"This is the confidence booster that gives me a little push to take action instead of pinning 100 more options to sort through *another time*."

Receive exclusive access to our student community of like-minded homeowners [and me!] . We share our ongoing project progress with each other for feedback and motivation. 



The cream of the crop, so to speak, of MMDH's go-to vendors organized by furnishing type, price point, and aesthetic style.


A customizable template outlining the furnishing budgets for each room of the house to help you track your budget and orders.



Gain exclusive access to these bonuses:

Wait, that's not all!


Anne s.

“These spreadsheets are GOLD! I’m loving the idea of a high-low mix and utilizing the spreadsheet to help figure out budgeting and filling in with a high-low mix.”

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... and finally complete those home furnishing projects you keep putting off?

Ready to make your house a home without the cost of hiring an interior designer…

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Amanda I.

“This was so worth it! What I loved most about the course is that it is welcoming and organized in short easy-to-complete videos.”

I quit my nine-to-five interior design firm gig after over a decade of working on high-end design office spaces globally.

I LOVED my clients, projects, and team, but the time came to jump ship for the "flexibility" of running my own design biz and offering up my design guidance and project management expertise to other homeowners like me!

Fast forward five years, and I was desperate to expand my 100% one-on-one residential design business to ANY homeowner who was simply looking for a professional designer BFF to bounce ideas off of and share their go-to guidance.

Here we are, a digital design guidance business that offers up an accessible design process and detailed insights to design-enthusiast homeowners near and far. 

It all comes down to a little MMDH confidence boost, a mindset shift, and not taking design too seriously!

What drives me as a Designer is for you to be passionate about your surroundings.

I believe that great design isn't just for the glossy pages of A magazine.

BTW, I'm Melissa!

legitimately making it happen, one step at a time. 

zeroing in on exactly what you are drawn to within your inspiration.

wrapping your head around the process of a project.

understanding you don't need to label your style.

I promise, thoughtful design is not Rocket Science, it is simply:

MMDH makes design approachable.

You've got this, and my video tutorials are here to guide you through it all!

You gain access to The MMDH Furnishing Method app platform that provides a step-by-step video guide with personalized checklists for your projects, right at your fingertips! You will have access at home, on the road, and even while you are out shopping for your home furnishings!

Take on
your home furnishing projects with confidence and ease. 

And now it's your turn!

The MMDH Furnishing Method Course isn't another templated

a full-year of access to The MMDH Furnishing Method course and bonus content.

lifetime access to our Facebook community of design-ready homeowners who are going through the course together. 

exclusive access to Melissa’s virtual design consult calendar for paid sessions. Hourly rate noted upon booking. 

...it is the ultimate opportunity to ramp up your home design knowledge and create an incredible space unique to YOU!

Upon sign-up, you will receive:

boost your knowledge through other homeowners going through the same design journey.

provide a support system of shared lessons learned and accomplishments you didn't realized could be achieved!

A unique online experience including self-paced lessons and a community group chat which will:

streamline your inspiration to an incredibly personalized room design. 

find furnishing vendors that you have never discovered or thought of before. 

keep your budget and priorities on track throughout the full process.

A tools and resource hub to help you stay on track and implement your learnings so you can:

by giving you easy to follow professional design guidance that will help you furnish one room at a time.

to provide the confidence you need to create a cohesive personality filled home.

An unheard of opportunity to motivate you in your home design journey:

Leah S.

"I love having a more polished, put-together, intentionally designed home we are comfortable in, thanks to Melissa’s expertise."

No, not at all. Similar to our answer to #2, this course is a great way to prepare for any home furnishing project, even if you are a few months to a year in advance of making it happen. 

Do I need to be ready to start a furnishing project when I go through the course?


Yes! Please do, especially if you know you are due for a refresh, but don't know where to begin. The MMDH Furnishing Method is a great way to prepare yourself with detailed, but attainable furnishing knowledge that will help you move forward in the right direction. 

Can I go through the course if I don't have a specific house project in mind?


 Anything you make and sell on the internet that doesn't require direct contact with clients or shipping and handling. Think of the last Etsy shop printable you downloaded, when it comes to digital products. An online course is simply walking you through a much more detailed digital product via video guides. 

What is a digital product or online course?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

You will receive a welcome email upon payment. You will then receive a tutorial email walking you through our app platform access. Once you have set up your log-in, you will receive access to the course within 24 hours. Your one time payment includes one-full-year of access. 

What are the next steps, after I purchase the course?


This self-guided course does not include one-on-one guidance from Melissa, although it's hard for her to stay out of the private community. So you may see her pipe in with insights on your posts and others'! This course is intended to guide you through her go-to furnishing process in an actionable and approachable self-paced journey.

Will I get one-on-one access to Melissa for help?


Short answer is, no. Imagine you could pick your house up and tip it over. Everything that would fall out of your house is what we will cover in this course. Furnishings include everything from larger pieces of furniture, to window treatments, rugs, artwork and accessories. 

Will you be covering renovations and new construction details in the course?


a furnished space that not only looks amazing but also functions beautifully. 

a room you are proud of every time you walk through the door. 

the detailed knowledge of a professional interior designer that will stick with you through future home furnishing projects.  

a full understanding of your comfort level with design, and a step-by-step guide to use at your current starting point (from scratch or further in) to make the most of your surroundings. 

an interactive community that will motivate you and provide a design knowledge share that you will not find anywhere else. 

This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

Tya T.

"We have gained confidence because of MMDH’s process."

Nicole R.

"Now our entire house feels cohesive and our home is equally as functional as it is beautiful."

We'll teach you how to determine your visual aesthetic goals for any space—whether it's a living room, bedroom, or home office —and how to grasp what to do on your project based on your specific room layout and needs. After all of this, you'll walk away with the designer confidence needed to get the most out of your time and investments!

direction and motivation to design a space you love and 100% speaks YOU.

When you finish this course you'll walk away with...

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So, are you ready to take on your home furnishing projects with confidence and ease?

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Juliet M.

"Melissa has brought so much inspiration as we've jumped into our first home purchase and had so many ideas of how to make it our own. Her advice helped narrow down what is best to tackle first. She's given good gut reactions to purchases before I jumped on that sale! She can tackle the small details to massive projects."

"Melissa helped me switch from overwhelmed to organized and cohesive."

Heather N.

"Melissa has such a special ability to provide vision for our projects regardless of the question or scope. We are always impressed with how she balances our own unique style with the function for our family when providing suggestions. We have also gained confidence because of Melissa’s continued support."

"We have gained confidence because of Melissa’s continued support."

Lauri J.

"Melissa and MMDH helped us beyond measure to complete a major house renovation. Melissa was there with support and guidance in all of our decisions. She’s thoughtful, friendly, and a true inspiration."

"Melissa and MMDH helped us beyond measure...."

Leah S.

"She has asked us questions that have probed amazing conversations between me and my husband, with considerations we hadn’t even thought of. "

"Melissa’s specific suggestions have provided incredible insight to our project!"

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