The MMDH Furnishing Method 

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Your number one goal is to have a home that fully represents YOU.

But, without a proven method to help, you’ll continue questioning every move you make.

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You crave a polished, put-together home with intentional design, but you get stuck on the specifics. You need guidance with scale, circulation, and placement of furniture and accessories.



Incomplete projects


You hesitate to make choices when it comes to home design because you are scared to make the wrong selections. You want to make bold choices with patterns and color but...

Self doubt


You second guess every design decision you make for your home, resulting in…

You have ideas in your head, but you don't know where to start, and you get overwhelmed by the thought of your project. You find yourself jumping from project to project with no results.

And that means feeling unsettled, a lack of connection to your home, and insecurity in your design abilities.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time guessing how to design your home when there’s a proven plan that will work for you.

The MMDH Furnishing Method is the perfect resource for homeowners committed to executing a plan that will bring those endless home design projects to their fully completed potential.

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I've got the secrets to unlocking your inner interior designer

Here's the thing.                                 I've had endless clients exactly where you are, which means you are in the right place...

The Melissa Mahoney Design House Furnishing Method was created for you. I've compiled decades of professional interior design experience into easy-to-follow video tutorial sessions.
I will walk you through my exact process of furnishing a room and having fun while you're at it!

You're not alone.

Here's the thing.   

I've had endless clients exactly where you are, which means you are in the right place...

Enjoy the dream home you've created with confidence & ease.


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Create your home furnishing plan using our proven method.


Here's how it works:

If you want to learn how to design a home you love
without wasting time or money along the way, this is for you!

There are a lot of us out here, just like you, doing our best to make our home's speak "us" on the budget and within the space we have to work with. It's not rocket science, but it sure is nice to have a sounding board of like-minded homeowners in our private community over here!





Get exclusive access to our video series revealing Melissa's specific step-by-step method to thoughtfully furnish any room in your home, maximize the potential of your living space, and have fun with the process instead of dreading your next home furnishing purchase.



Inside The MMDH Furnishing Method,
you will...

Effortlessly navigate your unique room layout, aligning it seamlessly with your goals and style. Uncover the secrets of smart purchasing and how to combine everything you need into a cohesive aesthetic. Gain designer confidence, saving you both time and money.

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Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Take a look inside the masterclass modules and...

Module 1

Unveiling Your Vision and Goals for a Completed Space


Let's dive into YOUR true feelings about your current house. This module is designed to help you think deeper than ever before about your home and your goals moving forward.

We'll narrow in on the specific space you want to focus on and get crystal clear on your vision and how you want your home to feel by the end of this masterclass. You'll be able to determine what you want to achieve with this masterclass, so you can turn those goals into a reality.

Prepare to unlock the confidence you need to see this class through to a completed space. Think of this module as the ultimate pep talk before the big game - get ready to take on your home transformation with clarity and determination!


Module 2

Streamlining Your Home Design

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest home trends and forget what your bigger-picture home goals are. In this module, you'll learn my process for finding purposeful inspiration for your room and cutting out all the noise.

We'll start by honing in on your visual aesthetic goals for the space, determining the colors, fixtures, and textures you want to incorporate. Then, I'll introduce you to The MMDH Furnishing Process - the exact system I've developed and used in my own design business for nearly two decades.

I'll provide you with the tools and methods that I've learned through years of trial and error, to help you streamline your home furnishing process and make it more successful. 

Module 3

Mastering Room Planning


Okay, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of designing your space! We'll start by thinking of your room in both 2D and 3D to better understand how objects will look and feel in the space. This is key in determining the best layout for your room to both function and flow

I'll share my expert tips with you on measuring and drawing your space accurately, so you can create a plan that works for you. Drawing your plan to scale is an essential part of this process, and I'll guide you through it step-by-step.

By the end of this module, you'll have a solid understanding of how to measure, tape, and draw your space to create the perfect layout tailored to you. Each module is as important as the last, which is why this masterclass was made for you!


Module 4

Sourcing and Retailers for Your Unique Space

In Module 4, I'll guide you through the process of preparing for your shopping experience

We'll begin by documenting your initial shopping list and determining the best sources for you and your project. We'll also discuss how to transition your inspiration mood board and space plan into real specifications, enabling you to shop confidently for the items you need. To keep you organized and within budget, we'll utilize The Furnishing Budget Template, which is specifically designed for you to keep tabs on all of the parts and pieces of your project.

By the end of this module, you'll have a comprehensive shopping list and a solid understanding of the best sources for your project [with a few hidden gems you’ve likely never heard of].

Module 5

Consolidating Purchases and Finalizing Your Shopping List


We'll tweak your shopping list to fit within your ideal budget while still letting your design evolve. It's crucial to strike a balance between cost and style, and I've got some pro tips up my sleeve for achieving this with a high-low-mix.

Once we've nailed down your shopping list, we'll start the ordering process. It might seem overwhelming, but I'll walk you through each step to make it a stress-free experience. By the end of this module, you'll know exactly how to tweak your purchases and finalize your shopping list, while keeping your ideal budget in mind.


Module 6

Bringing Your Room to Life

Get ready to bring your room to life with the installation and styling process! We'll start by placing furniture to ensure that the layout flows well and maximizes the space, all based off of your original scaled plan from Module 3. Then, we'll dive into the exciting part - adding your personal design touch.

You'll learn the secrets to make your room feel unique and reflective of your personality. We'll cover everything from selecting artwork to creating a gallery wall, choosing functional conversation starting accessories, and more.

By the end of this module, you'll feel confident in your ability to style and install your room, creating an inviting and personalized space that you'll be proud to call your own. Get ready to impress your guests with personality-filled walls and decor that truly reflects your style!

Leah S.

"I love having a more polished, put-together, intentionally designed home we are comfortable in, thanks to Melissa’s expertise."

Gain life-long design confidence and learn what you need to know to get the absolute most out of your time and money when furnishing your home. You'll learn where to buy everything you need, how to combine it all into a cohesive aesthetic that reflects your personality.

The MMDH furnishing method


Full Service
Interior Designer


Go it alone, spend endless hours aimlessly scouring the internet, while the returns pile up. Waste time and money on pieces that just don't fit your space. Pay for a quick e-design that has no guarantees that you will love it OR that it will fully work for your space.

DIY or E-design


Are you ready to stop overthinking and start feeling confident about your design capabilities?


Precious lost time + loss of confidence in the process

Hire a one-on-one interior designer to do it all for you, hold out for their availability, and be ready to pay for what you get in design services. Always a great solution if you are in the market for full-service design fees and someone else's vision for your space.


Thousands of dollars on design fees alone, per room


Less than your last trip to Target
(we're willing to bet!)

Here are your options:

Kristy D.

"This is the confidence booster that gives me a little push to take action instead of pinning 100 more options to sort through *another time*."

Receive exclusive access to our student community of like-minded homeowners [and Melissa herself!] . Share your ongoing project progress with our zero judgement crew for feedback and motivation! 



Melissa's go-to retail vendors organized by furnishing type, price point, and aesthetic style. This evolving list cannot be beat for your back-pocket sourcing sessions to start taking the guesswork out!


A customizable template outlining the furnishing budgets for each room of your house to help you track your budget and orders. Sounds like a drag, but  it's the most rewarding puzzle you've ever pieced together! 



Gain exclusive access to these bonuses:

Wait, that's not all!


Anne s.

“These spreadsheets are GOLD! I’m loving the idea of a high-low mix and utilizing the spreadsheet to help figure out budgeting and filling in with piece from a variety of sources.”

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... and finally complete those home furnishing projects you keep putting off?

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I believe that great design isn't just for the glossy pages of A magazine.

BTW, I'm Melissa!

After over a decade in the commercial interiors industry, working with clients worldwide, I started MMDH to help homeowners like you curate a well-designed home you can't wait to come home to.


To make your home projects finally feel complete, we tap into your unique style, infuse everything you love into your design, and transform your endless projects into a thoughtfully designed home.

It didn't take long for Melissa Mahoney Design House to become
MMDH for short.

It all comes down to a little MMDH confidence boost, organization, and not taking design too seriously!

legitimately making great design happen, one step at a time. 

zeroing in on exactly what you are drawn to within your inspiration.

wrapping your head around the proven process of a SUCCESSFUL design project.

understanding you don't need to label your style.

I promise, thoughtful design is not rocket science, it is simply:

MMDH makes design approachable.

You've got this, and my insightful video tutorials are here to guide you through it all!

You gain access to The MMDH Furnishing Method self-paced masterclass that provides step-by-step video guides with personalized checklists for your projects, right at your fingertips! Our app platform will give you access at home, on the road, and even while shopping for home furnishings!

Take on your home
furnishing projects with
confidence and ease. 

And now it's your turn!

Say no more,
i'm in!

6 Core Module Trainings....................................................................................... (Value $2,500)
18 Step-By-Step Video Lessons.......................................................................... (Value $1,050)
Furnishing Budget Template + Tutorial............................................................ (Value $97)
Exclusive Go-To Retail Vendor List..................................................................... (Value $27)
Lifetime Access To Our Private Facebook Community............................... (Value $PRICELESS)

Today's Price: $447

Total Value: $3,674+

6 Core Module Trainings
(Value $2,500)

18 Step-By-Step Video Lessons (Value $1,050)

Furnishing Budget Template
(Value $97)

Go-To Retail Vendor List
(Value $27)

Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Community

Today's Price: $447

Total Value: $3,674

The Deal!

Amanda I.

“After completing the masterclass I've been able to really focus in on the feeling I want to create for my space, finding pieces I love that accomplish that feeling, and executing my plan.

 A:  Imagine anything created to sell online without meeting customers in person or sending them physical goods. For instance, remember the cute printable you snagged from an Etsy shop? That's an example of a digital product. Now, take that concept and add in some video guides, and you've got yourself an online masterclass. It's like a super in-depth digital product that shows you how to do something step-by-step.

Q: So, what exactly is a digital product or online masterclass?

your questions answered

We bet you're wondering...


 A: The MMDH Furnishing Method is all about you going at your own pace! Why? Because we want you to have the time to implement what you learn, listen, and replay the material as many times as you want! You can breeze through it in five days or take your sweet time for five months - it's totally up to you! The best part is that each person's journey through The MMDH Furnishing Method will be unique, and that's what makes it so good!

Q: I'm swamped at the moment, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up. Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace? 

your questions answered

I bet you're wondering....


A: You don't need to have a specific project in mind to benefit from The MMDH Furnishing Method. It's an incredible opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights about furnishing your home big picture, especially if you're feeling a bit stuck or uncertain about  how to move forward (or even where to start). The course is designed to equip you with practical and achievable strategies that will help you take those first steps toward transforming your space with confidence. 

Q: Do I have to have a particular house project in mind to take the course, or can I dive in without any concrete plans?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

A: Melissa loves to jump into the private community and offer insights and support whenever she can (including some bonus PSA hot tips)! The masterclass is designed to help you navigate Melissa's tried-and-true furnishing process at your own pace, with clear and actionable steps. It's approachable and easy to follow, so you'll feel confident as you tackle your own home decor projects.

Q: Will I get one-on-one access to Melissa for help?

I bet you're wondering....


your questions answered

A: Well, to keep it simple, we won't be diving into renovations or new construction in this masterclass. We'll be focusing on all things furnishings - think big items like sofas and rugs, down to the little details like artwork and accessories. We talk about everything that would fall out of your house if you could tip it over, including the window treatments!

Q: Will you be covering renovations and new construction details in the masterclass?

I bet you're wondering....


your questions answered

6 Core Module Trainings
(Value $2,500)

18 Step-By-Step Video Lessons (Value $1,050)

Furnishing Budget Template- By Room
(Value $97)

Go-To Retail Vendor List
(Value $27)

Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Community

Today's Price: $447

Total Value: $3,674

So, are you ready to take on your home furnishing projects with confidence and ease?

6 Core Module Trainings.............................................................................................. (Value $2,500)
18 Step-By-Step Video Lessons................................................................................. (Value $1,050)
Furnishing Budget Template + Tutorial................................................................... (Value $97)
Exclusive Go-To Retail Vendor List............................................................................ (Value $27)
Lifetime Access To Our Private Facebook Community...................................... (Value $PRICELESS)

Today's Price: $447

Total Value: $3,674

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Juliet M.

"Melissa has brought so much inspiration as we've jumped into our first home purchase and had so many ideas of how to make it our own. Her guidance helped narrow down what is best to tackle first. She's given good gut reactions to purchases before I jumped on that sale! She can tackle the small details to massive projects. Melissa helped me switch from overwhelmed to organized and cohesive."

"Melissa helped me switch from overwhelmed to organized and cohesive."

Heather N.

"Melissa has such a special ability to provide vision for our projects regardless of the question or scope. We are always impressed with how she balances our own unique style with the function for our family when providing suggestions. We have also gained confidence because of Melissa’s continued support."

"We have gained confidence because of Melissa’s continued support."

Lauri J.

"Melissa and MMDH helped us beyond measure. She was there with support and guidance in all of our decisions. She’s thoughtful, friendly, and a true inspiration."

"Melissa and MMDH helped us beyond measure...."

Leah S.

"Melissa’s specific suggestions have provided incredible insight to our project! She has responded with questions that have probed amazing conversations between me and my husband, with considerations we hadn’t even thought of." 

"Melissa’s specific suggestions have provided incredible insight to our project!

kind words

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