Your professional interior designer BFF,
here to guide you through pulling together your home design projects, one thoughtful step at a time.

Say hello to the interior designer friend you've always wished you had on speed dial

Let’s face it, life’s too short to live in a home you don’t LOVE. I’m determined to help you bring your personality out and up onto your walls!

As an avid collector married to the ultimate minimalist [one-in/one-out rules by the plenty over here!], I’ve honed my skills of curating collections, while making sure every last item has a place.
That’s the MMDH two-part secret to breaking free of quick trends and cookie-cutter home styling. First, building thoughtfully curated collections of personality-filled items and utilizing accessories that have a story. Then, making sure every perfect item finds an intentional place.
It all comes down to a little MMDH confidence boost, organization and not taking design too seriously!

Hi, I'm Melissa!

What drives me as a Designer is for you to be passionate about YOUR surroundings.

I've forever had a passion for interiors - picture a 4th grader sketching out dream home plans on grid paper daily, and sponge painting a fresh border in her bedroom every chance she got. That was me 👋

My interest in interior design continued to grow. I took an "Interior Design I" class in high school. I didn't realized at that time that I could actually go to college for interior design. I had never thought of it as a career.

Well, my end of semester design project was awarded the real life interior finishes and fixtures for the "Building Trades" class house that would be built the following year by my student peers. Game over... I was officially destined to be an interior designer!

Design school happened. Design firm internships happened. A design career ensued. My passion for design grew and grew!

Then, after over a decade with a commercial interior design firm, working with clients worldwide, I started MMDH to help homeowners like you curate a well-designed home you can't wait to come home to.

LIKE COZY FUZZY SLIPPERS ON YOUR FEET AFTER A LONG DAY. My design-loving life has led me to helping you make your house a home.

My lifelong nickname is Moo, and to some, I go by Marge.

Around here, it didn't take long for Melissa Mahoney Design House
to become MMDH for short.

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Are you with me? 
You've got this! And I'm here to guide you through it all. Remember when I said I was the new BFF you always knew you needed [or something along those lines]?

Let's get to know each other, shall we...

legitimately making it happen, one step at a time. 

zeroing in on exactly what you are drawn to within your inspiration.

wrapping your head around the process of a project.

understanding you don't need to label your style.

I promise, next level interior design is not rocket science.
It is simply:

I believe that great design isn't just for the glossy pages of A magazine.

MMDH makes great design approachable.

It's not just about the color, pattern and eclectic design that excites me...

our goal at MMDH

Leonard, the beta fish

the only pet I've ever had:


Pattern play

what makes me smile?:


my favorite things

The beach...or the mountains

go-to travel destination:


My Gram's collected treasures

most prized possession:


Hanging with this crew

weekend plans:


Iced Vanilla Latte

my go-to coffee order:


Welp, that's what MMDH is here for. We make the process incredibly accessible for you! 

Ready to LOVE your home?

Juliet M.

"Melissa has brought so much inspiration as we've jumped into our first home purchase and had so many ideas of how to make it our own. Her advice helped narrow down what is best to tackle first. She's given good gut reactions to purchases before I jumped on that sale! She can tackle the small details to massive projects."

"Melissa helped me switch from overwhelmed to organized and cohesive."

Heather N.

"Melissa has such a special ability to provide vision for our projects regardless of the question or scope. We are always impressed with how she balances our own unique style with the function for our family when providing suggestions. We have also gained confidence because of Melissa’s continued support."

"We have gained confidence because of Melissa’s continued support."

Lauri J.

"Melissa and MMDH helped us beyond measure to complete a major house renovation. Melissa was there with support and guidance in all of our decisions. She’s thoughtful, friendly, and a true inspiration."

"Melissa and MMDH helped us beyond measure...."

Leah S.

"She has asked us questions that have probed amazing conversations between me and my husband, with considerations we hadn’t even thought of. "

"Melissa’s specific suggestions have provided incredible insight to our project!"

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Love From OUR community

Hi, I'm Melissa

Welcome, Friend!

Can't wait for you to dive in!

Interior Designer, Educator, Mom of 2, Curator, Homebody, Anthem Lover, Open-Minded Learner, and Resource For you...