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Styling any surface is the full-proof way to add colorful, eclectic, and timeless vibes to your home. I love when I walk into a home with nearly empty built-ins or free & clear tabletop surfaces, because there is no doubt that the space will feel fully transformed by the time I leave. Styling is an […]

How To Style Surfaces Throughout Your Home

Design Tips

WHY BUILD A HOME DESIGN TEAM? Are you hesitant to incorporate pattern and color into your home? Are you struggling with narrowing down your options? Do you have textiles selected, but you’ve reached a dead end when it comes to application? Is it that you are diving into a construction project without a full team […]

How to Build The Right Team For Your Home Design Project

colorful living room
Design Tips

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Create A Personalized Home That Your Guests Will Love

3 Tips for Designing A Home That You Can Be Proud Of

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You know I love a good design knowledge share. As a member of the #mmdhcommunity you get a front-row seat in my business, so you are the first to know about everything I am up to over here… including THIS.

MMDH: A New Opportunity Is Coming

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You know what I mean?… Does your home put a smile on your face when you walk in the door? Do you feel cozy in your home as you close out your day? Does your home inspire you?

MMDH: Does Your Home Have Personality?

Design Tips

We have a lot of amazing new faces around here and officially surpassed 3K of this MMDH IG “design club” recently, with @nicolearegan’s dining room reveal! I hope you are here because you love the idea of adding personality to your home!

MMDH: Bringing Personality Into Your Home

Like cozy fuzzy slippers on your feet after a long day.

After over a decade in the commercial interiors industry, I started MMDH to help homeowners curate a well-designed space you can’t wait to get home to and spend time in. 

Founder of:
Melissa Mahoney Design House

(around here, we go by MMDH for short)

Hi, I'm Melissa. 

To make your home feel lived in and complete, we tap into your unique style, infuse personality into your space and transform your endless projects into a gloriously designed home. 

Maybe you don't need a personal guide through your home design, but how about a free design guide that still gives you LOTS of professional interior design insight? 

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