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The Key to Maintaining Your Thoughtfully Designed Home Welcome to the final stretch (and quite possibly the most enlightening) of our Top 20 List series. Your feedback throughout this series has been so helpful and motivating! If you’ve missed out on any of these posts, no worries, you can start at the beginning of this series, here.  We have […]

The Key to Maintaining Your Thoughtfully Designed Home

Design Tips

When was the last time you added a layer to your home? If your answer involved a question mark or wide eyes, it’s time. Let’s talk about the 5 ways to make your house more cozy. HOT TIP: Everything comes together when you add layers 😉 This is one of the most approachable and impactful steps […]

5 Ways To Make Your House More Cozy

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Design Tips

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Design Tips

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3 Quick Tips To Make Your Home More Functional

Design Tips

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6 Easy Tips To Make Your Home Your Happy Place

Design Tips

I started thinking, “What can I offer up to you for being here and supporting MMDH?” So, I asked the question in my newsletter… and many of you answered!!

Top 20 Ways To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

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After over a decade in the commercial interiors industry, I started MMDH to help homeowners curate a well-designed space you can’t wait to get home to and spend time in. 

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